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Replacement Hinges

replacement hinge

When replacing a commercial hollow metal door there are many things to consider. First of all most commercial metal doors have different latch heights and different hinge locations. So what is the best way to determine the best way to replace the existing door? Many times the door has to be replaced and many times it is the frame.

There are several types of retrofit doors and replacement doors available for commercial applications

  • Mesker Door has long time offered a retrofit door frame, which is a hollow metal frame that is excellent for replacing an existing hollow metal frame while reusing the existing hollow metal door. This is called the remodeling frame. It is a hollow metal frame that can accommodate a very wide variety of wall thicknesses and wall conditions. This hollow metal frame installs easily and is fire rated up to 90 minutes. please visit's frame section to find out more about the remodel frame. If your are trying to replace door frames or install a new steel door frame on an unusual wall thickness or condition, this is type of steel door frame is an excellent choice.

  • Mesker's retrofit door also known as the replacement door or slide lock door is a patent pending hollow metal door that addresses the age old problem of replacing an existing steel door in a frame that has special hinge locations and a varying lock height. Depending on which manufacturer made the existing hollow metal door, the hinge locations and lock height must be dealt with. The slide lock door has the answer. This 18 gauge steel door is undersized in width to accommodate a full mortise continuous hinge. This continuous gear hinge allows the new door to be installed without having to align the specific manufactures hinge heights or hinge patterns. This replacement door also addresses many of the latch height issues, since different manufactures offer different lock heights on their doors.

  • replacement hinges The slide lock door comes standard in 18 gauge, but different gauges are available. This replacement steel door comes complete with a door closer reinforcement. The standard retrofit door comes with a polystyrene (insulated door) core but can also be special ordered as a honeycomb core door, a fiberboard core door or a Urethane core door. The slide lock door also comes standard with a cylindrical lever lock and keys. Special keying is available upon request. The standard slide lock door comes prime painted but can be ordered as a prefinished door or custom color prefinished painted door. for more detailed information regarding this retrofit door, please visit

  • Since fire Rated Metal Doors have different hourly ratings such as, 3 hours, 1 1/2 hours, 3/4 hour and 20 minutes, please make sure you are meeting the local fire code requirements. If you have questions, you can contact your local Mesker door representative please visit and click on the contact us portion. For special replacement doors such as temperature rise, bullet resistant, steel stiffened, six panel door, pairs of hollow metal doors, Dutch doors, sound doors, green doors aka leed doors, hurricane doors or any other special type of door you need to replace please visit our website.
  • Mesker door's steel doors and frames are manufactured in accordance with UL 10B - Fire test of doors and frames UL 10c - Standard for positive pressure fire test of door assemblies UBC 7-2 (1997) Part 1 and 2 - Fire test of door assemblies NFPA 252 - Standard for fire test of door assemblies.

  • Mesker Door manufactures Fire Rated Doors and Frames in compliance with UL procedures for more information, please visit Mesker's UL underwriters Laboratories certificate of compliance is listed on the Mesker Door websites.